Shoe Showcase Faux Leather Brown Buckle Boot

It’s my shoe showcase, your chance to have a snoop at what I’m wearing. It’s a decidedly Autumn look today I’m afraid as the weather this week has been very unpredictable. I know I live in Ireland and I should expect odd weather but I was really in the form for showing off some of my more dainty shoes….

These boots were purchased years ago (can’t remember how many), I remember at the time I was looking for a pair of tan boots but they were nowhere to be found. I spotted this pair and thought “they’ll do I suppose”. I was in a bit of a huff because I couldn’t find a tan pair. I did quite like the gold buckle detailing on these.

Well I’ll tell you something, these boots have served me very well. They are lovely and warm and are very comfy. They also allow a bit of stretch so they’re perfect for wearing with tights as well as tucking jeans into them.

The boots are synthetic, however they are very comfortable and allow your feet to breath. The cone shaped heel is 3″, I can actually walk around in these all day comfortably. The sole is made from a non slip leather which is essential, I had no problem walking in these in the snow and ice during the Winter.

The round toe is pretty roomy so your toes don’t get squashed. They are secured with a brown zip on the inside of the calf.

My poor boots have slight discolouration around the toe from not cleaning them properly after wearing, I’ve since learned my lesson.

Am I the only one who has trouble finding the perfect pair of boots?

I had a brief moment of sunshine on Thursday and grabbed the camera and took these photos before my lovely sun disappeared.








Location: My back garden, Thursday 26th May 2011

Occasion: Shopping trip

Boots: Penneys/Primark

Clothes: Skinny Jeans & Belt – Penneys/Primark, Top – Dunnes Stores, Blazer – Dorothy Perkins

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  1. OrlieD says
    27 May 11 at 4:02pm

    I love these boots I have them in a Maroon and they are fab! I wear them with an LBD, Maroon Cami and Maroon Belt in Winter / May 2011 Weather!!!

    I also wear them with a slinky black and maroon leaf print dress for a more formal outfit!

    Orlie D x

    • Shoezanne says
      28 May 11 at 11:19am

      Hi OrlieD,

      I’m really sorry for the extremely late reply, I was a busy bee yesterday and didn’t get the chance. Those maroon boots sound fab and that dress sounds gorgeous too. Post a pic on the facebook page if you get a chance… I actually don’t have a maroon pair of shoes, I’m going to have to do something to change that I think ;)

  2. 06 June 11 at 8:00pm

    I’m a boot fanatic myself, and these are taking the cake today (those buckles sold me straight off)! I too have a hard time finding the right boot, I’m very picky about the coloring and height etc. I have somewhat of a small calf and most boots are too large in the collar for me. I’ve had tremendous luck since moving to Oregon however! Great shoe lady!


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