Worth Splurging Ursula Mascaro Platform Ankle Boots

It’s shoe splurge Tuesday, time to raid your savings and get yourself a great pair of shoes :)

I visited Paulina from mybagandshoes.com on Friday and she showed me her stock room. I was instantly drawn to these beautiful ankle boots. I tried them on and couldn’t believe how comfortable they were on. All of their stock is limited so there’s very little chance of seeing someone walking down the street in your shoes.

These are such a beautiful shoe, designed by Ursula Mascaro in Menorca. You will not find these shoes in your local boutique, they are exclusive.


I love the design of these boots, the metallic leather really gives them a wow factor. They also feature a small peep toe. These boots hold your feet very well.

With a 6″ (15cm) stiletto heel you would imagine that they would be difficult to walk in but due to the design I didn’t have any trouble. They also feature a 1.5″ (4cm) platform and a small zip on the side.


The quality of the leather is superb, it’s so soft. The lining is a beautiful dark pink which also matches the sole, there is also a non slip rubber patch on the sole, so you should stay steady on your feet.

These stunning ankle boots are available from mybagandshoes.com for €270. They are offering a 10% discount for a limited period, the discount code is 092450

If you haven’t already guessed I want these baaaad! I’m going to start saving and hopefully I will be able to afford them soon (If I can convince Mr. Shoeman that I need them) :)

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  1. boredmum says
    31 May 11 at 7:38pm

    Totally gorgeous, but totally can’t afford them, booooooooo, And i wouldn’t mind but i’d actually be able to walk in them

    • Shoezanne says
      31 May 11 at 8:44pm

      They were so comfortable, I’m really after falling for them. Mr. Shoeman thinks I’m nuts wanting to spend that much on shoes lol.
      Don’t worry though, bargain of the week is coming up on Thursday and I’ll let you in on a secret…..it’s a pair of flats….shhh don’t tell anyone :)

  2. 11 September 11 at 2:55pm

    I certainly love the heels. The reason why more and more women fell in love with shoes is because of it’s design and the heels.

    • Shoezanne says
      14 November 11 at 11:05am

      I totally agree with you, these boots have a gorgeous design and even though they are extremely high they were very comfortable. The boot seemed to really hug your foot and the leather was incredibly soft. I’m dreaming about them now.


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