Flip Flops


Top Tip: Create your own custom design shoes

                It’s something I think every shoe lover has thought of at one stage or another….designing and owning the perfect pair of shoes. I came across Amanda from I CAN make shoes through twitter last week. She started following me and I like to check out all my new followers. I landed on her website and it was a total OH MY WOW moment.   I couldn’t believe that all the amazing shoes were handmade by “normal” ladies with no prior experience...


Top Tip: Treat your feet

During the Winter we all tend to neglect our poor feet. A philosophy of “ah sure nobody’s going to see them so there’s no need to pay any attention to them” is adopted. Well girlies, Summer is just around the corner and we can’t hide under thick socks, tights and boots for much longer. It’s time to get your tootsies in tip top shape ready for sky high peep-toes and cute little flip flops. Get out your favourite foot soak, scrub and moisturiser, paint your toenails with your prettiest...