How do I do this again?

I just wanted to come back and say hi *waves to the internet people*. I have been away from blogging from an embarrassingly long time, I’ve no excuse for abandoning my little blog, I just lost my mojo. I hope to get back in to the swing of things and I hope to update regularly. I’m not going to pressure myself to post everyday, I want to enjoy it and not treat the blog as my job.

When I sat down this afternoon to write again it felt very alien to me, I had forgotten how to do everything. Please excuse me if I’m a little rusty.

Life has moved at an incredibly fast speed since I’ve been away. Three of my friends have gotten engaged (congrats guys x x) and their weddings are all coming up shortly. It’s a great excuse to go out and pick up some new shoes, not that I really need an excuse.

We also adopted acquired a new kitty. He found us and decided we would be good enough for him. He is a funny looking furball. He has a fat belly, short tail, sticky out teeth, smacks his lips together when he’s rubbed.  I could go on but I think this is enough for now. We named him Dumbledore as he has a long white crest from his chin to his chest. This name stuck for a while but we felt it was too long and not catchy enough so we renamed him Ratsy. It suits him much better although it can be a bit embarrassing at the Vet.

In September Mr. Shoeman started a new job, in Cork (almost 2 hours from home). We decided to move to Killarney – which would shorten the journey by 40 minutes – and it was my job to find a house as he was too busy. I won’t bore you with the details but it was a long and arduous task. I viewed SEVENTEEN houses before I found our dream place. We arranged a date to move in and were very excited. In the meantime Mr. Shoeman had to go to the USA for a work related trip that happened to be the same time as we were due to move….hmmm convenient. In his defence there was nothing he could do about it and he helped pack all our belongings before he left. I was very kindly assisted in the move by family members. I didn’t realise we had so much stuff. We filled, four cars, two vans and a pick up. It was all worth it though, we love our new place in the countryside.

After a few weeks in our new place we had a little tragedy :( poor Sox became very ill, we brought him to the vet who confirmed he had Feline Aids. We were both extremely distraught. Sadly he passed away, we comforted ourselves in knowing that we gave him a great life ( he used to be a stray) and talking about all the funny things and mischief he used to get up to…. one time he pooped in my handbag, I was furious when it happened but looking back it’s funny.

Now things are all kinda getting back to normal, and I hope to bring you some more shoe goodness. Thanks for all the requests while I wasn’t blogging, but now, I’m baaaaack :)


  1. Orlie says
    11 April 12 at 10:23pm

    Welcome back!

    Sounds like you had an ordeal! Poor Sox :( but he would be happy to hear about Dumbledore!!!

    In the matter of shoes and shoe related issues… can you assist me in the quest to find the perfect open toe / sandal toe tights? M and S do a nice pair but gather a teensy bit… Dunnes are good, pretty pollyanna sandal toe are ok but hurt my toes… And Falke Shelina are just so hard to get!!!

    Sure we can go bare legged but with all my Zumba, wogging and Weekend antics my bruises kinda ruin the leggy look!


    • Shoezanne says
      12 April 12 at 1:05pm

      Hi Orlie,

      I’ve had a quick look online and there are many companies that have open toe tights. I haven’t tried them, I prefer to put on a hint of fake tan but they would be good for a cold night.

      I’ve found a few links to some brands you may not have tried yet. an Irish company might be worth a try. I think choosing tights is a very personal thing, preferences vary from person to person. From opacity to shine to control, there are so many varieties.

      Some more that may be worth trying; stock a number of different styles and brands including Falke. also have some to offer. stock very natural looking toeless tights.

      Let me know how you get on x x


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