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Top Tip: Love Your Cobbler

If you love your shoes you must also love your cobbler.  They provide a great service and will keep your shoes in tip top shape for years. If you look after your footwear well and bring them to the cobbler for repairs you will greatly extend the life of your shoes.   Repair costs are pretty minimal compared with buying a new pair of shoes.   I know my cobbler pretty well and have a good relationship with him. I regularly visit him for minor repairs like when the tip...


Top Tip: Keep a pack of these in your handbag

I first discovered the greatness of these blister plasters on my first skiing trip. After my first day skiing falling gracefully down the mountain the inside of both my ankles had two fine blisters on them.  They were so painful that I contemplated not skiing the following day. As I was wallowing in self pity and vino Mr. Shoeman’s Da produced these super foot saving wonders. I washed my feet, stuck em on and couldn’t even feel the blister anymore. I was a bit apprehensive the next day about...


Top Tip: Treat your feet

During the Winter we all tend to neglect our poor feet. A philosophy of “ah sure nobody’s going to see them so there’s no need to pay any attention to them” is adopted. Well girlies, Summer is just around the corner and we can’t hide under thick socks, tights and boots for much longer. It’s time to get your tootsies in tip top shape ready for sky high peep-toes and cute little flip flops. Get out your favourite foot soak, scrub and moisturiser, paint your toenails with your prettiest...


Top Tip: After Party Pumps

I’ll set the scene. It’s a big night out and you’ve got your favourite 5″ heels on. You’ve been dancing like you’re life has depended on it for about 4 hours now and in between that you’ve been wandering from bar to bar. Now it’s the end of the night and your beautiful shoes are killing you and you kinda hate them right now. The thought of walking another step in your shoes makes you want to cry.  We’ve all been there. The solution is to get your little...

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